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Few features of Letterpad!


Letterpad has been built keeping performance as one of the key goal. Comparing with wordpress, it is 20x faster.

Search Engine Optimised

Letterpad takes care of SEO and creates facebook and twitter cards for each post.

Tidy Semantic Markup

Letterpad strictly uses symantec html to define different parts of content with appropriate attributes.

Rich Text Editor

Letterpad Editor has been designed to give you a distraction free environment containing inline tools along with inbuilt markdown.

Clean Permalinks

All links in Letterpad is automatically created with clean, readable, well-structured permalinks which are easily understood.


Integrates with Disqus, Youtube, Gist, Cloudinary for image cdn, Unsplash, various databases, any subscription newsletter like tinyletters, mailchimp. etc. etc.

Publishing content

Letterpad provides you with all the commonly used tools, inline with the editor - they appear when you need them. This keeps the editor clean and allow you to focus on the most important part, which is content. Users who knows markdown can take advantage of the inbuilt markdown feature which auto converts markdown to html as you type.

For image heavy websites, a CDN is always preferable. Letterpad integrates with Cloudinary, a free application, to deliver optimized images.

It also has an autodetect feature for various links. It can detect url as you type and auto converts them into to a link. Youtube links gets converted into embeds. These are just a few features of the editor.


You can contribute to Letterpad in various ways like reporting bugs, proposing improvements, fixing issues, marketing, testing, suggestions, etc. You can join us in the Slack Channel with this invitation link.

We are a non-profit organization. If you would like to support the project, check our open collective page.

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