Letterpad is an open source blog publishing engine

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Few features of Letterpad!


Single Page Application, highly optimised for performance and runs ridiculously fast.

Clean Interface

Clean and uncluttered admin panel to take control over your content and a customisable frontend for visitors

Open Source

Letterpad is open-source and licensed under MIT. You can use it the way you want.

Built-in Markdown

The Editor opens posts with no distractions and supports rich text with builtin markdown

One Click Install

Have your blog up and running with one click installer script directly in your server.


Built with React, styled-components, sequelize and Graphql and runs in nodeJS.

Simple content management

We took special care in implementing the editor. We made sure that users who like markdown or rich text should be able to see the preview instantly. The generated markup is symenatic and this means you can copy paste html output from anywhere and paste it here and it will render the content with all styles, beautifuly.

You can also include code blocks if you are writing a technical blog post. We will eventually support 20+ languages. You can easily tag your content with tags and categories and create a nested navigation menu.


You can contribute to Letterpad in various ways like reporting bugs, proposing improvements, fixing issues, marketing, testing, suggestions, etc. You can join us in the Slack Channel with this invitation link.

We are a non-profit organization. If you would like to support the project, check our open collective page.

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