Letterpad is a free blog publishing platform. It provides distraction free writing and uses language tool to help you write better.

Best suited for personal blogs.


Fast and FlexibleCreatives

With creatives you can create a custom landing page for your blog and also to showcase portfolios, events, art, tutorials and more.

Image CDNImage CDN

Letterpad provides services like UnSplash and Cloudinary to provide optimsed images for screens of different size.


It can easily be integrated with Cloudinary for image cdn, Unsplash, Mysql, Postgress, Sqlite, Sentry, Google Analytics etc.

AI Enabled EditorAI Enabled Editor

Using the AI Enabled editor, you will be able to fix grammatical mistakes and take advantage of better suggestions.

Build audienceBuild audience

With the subscribers features, you will be able to develop your audience with time. They will be notified with every post you publish.

Multiuser PlatformMultiuser Platform

Letterpad allows multi registration which allows you to have multiple users with a single installation.


Creatives are a way to create custom landing pages for your blog and also to showcase portfolios, events, art, tutorials and more. Its a way to create more image dominant pages. It provides you with a set of tools with which you can add blocks to your page and customize them. It has inbuilt parallax which vastly enhances the page with more immersive experience.

You can try it out in the Creatives Playground by clicking on the button below.

Try Creatives

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Publishing Content

Letterpad has no distractions, no sidebars, plugins or widgets, with nothing to setup or customize, it only has the essentials for a pure reading and writing experience.

The editor is powered with a powerful AI grammar tool that can suggest better words or phrases and can identify grammatical mistakes.

With the composing tool you have just the right amount of formatting. This enables users to spend more time producing and editing content, with a fully responsive dashboard that supports mobile and tablet devices.

You can set it up Letterpad in your own server or use our free platform to write blogs.


With Umami integration - a analytics tool, you can track all analytics of your blog based on your content. You can also compare how your posts performed in comparison to a previous duration. Since all analytics are internal, none of the tracking will be blocked by ad blockers. This ensures that you get accurate analytics.



Every Platform has its own benefits. Every CMS has its own pros and cons. The below comparison will help you better in choosing the right platform for your blog.
Feature Group
No Paywall & Popups
Markdown and Inline Editor
AI Grammar Check
Syntax Highlighting
Blog Appearance and Customisation
Create Static Pages
Share Post Drafts
Open Source
Custom Domain Mapping