1. Complete your profile

Become part of the community: Start with your Letterpad profile

On Letterpad, a strong personal brand is essential for getting discovered and growing a dedicated following. Your author profile is your chance to make a great first impression, so optimizing it for searchability, connection, and memorability is vital. Here's how to stand out on Letterpad:

1. Showcase your identity:

  • Profile photo: Choose an image that reflects your personality and creative style. If you prefer, Letterpad will create an avatar based on your initials.
  • Full name: Using your real name fosters trust and recognition. However, if anonymity is preferred, a pseudonym is acceptable.

2. Tell your story:

  • About You: Don't leave this blank! Even a brief description of your passion, hobbies, or a favorite quote can spark connections with your readers. You have 2000 characters to play with, so get creative!
  • In addition to your bio, consider including your occupation, company name (if applicable), and a short signature after each post. This helps readers understand your background, experience, and perspective, enhancing their understanding of your work.

3. Connect beyond the platform:

  • Social media links: Include links to your social profiles in your bio, allowing fans to follow you for updates, get to know you better, and potentially offer opportunities.

4. Expand your reach:

  • Additional links: Add links to your personal website or blog, allowing readers to explore your work further.

Remember, your profile is an ever-evolving space. Update your information and links as needed to keep it fresh and engaging for your audience.

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