3. Publish your first post

Guidelines on publishing a compelling story on Letterpad

Welcome to your brand new Letterpad account! Now's the time to show your creativity and share your stories with the world.

Just like on other platforms, everything you create on Letterpad, whether it's a story, poem, travelogue, or memoir, needs a compelling title, subtitle, and captivating image to grab attention.

Ready to get started? Here's a simple guide:

1. Title & Subtitle: Catchy & Informative

  • Title: First things first, you need a title! Click the "Create Story" button and enter your title in the designated spot. Aim for something concise and informative, yet intriguing enough to draw readers in. Learn more about crafting effective titles here.
  • Subtitle: Your subtitle should complement and expand on your title. Use this space to showcase your creativity, humor, or wordplay. Remember, a subtitle is mandatory – a story can't be submitted without one!

2. Featured Image: Set the Stage

Below your title and subtitle, you'll find the option to upload an image, or choose from the free Unsplash library. Selecting the right visual is crucial, as it serves as your story's "thumbnail" on various platforms.

  • Uploading Images: You can upload an image by clicking the "Image" option from the inline toolbar and selecting a JPG or PNG file from your computer. Ensure you have permission and proper citation for any image you don't own.
  • Using Unsplash: Click the "Unsplash Image" option and search for keywords related to your desired image. Choose your image, and it will be added with proper attribution.

3. Start Writing: Follow Your Voice

Below the featured image, you'll see "Start writing...". This is where the magic happens! 

Tips for Engaging Content:

  • Structure & Clarity: A well-structured story is key for reader comprehension. Consider outlining your content first for better flow and organization.
  • Chunking: Break your story into digestible pieces, around 350-400 words each, to enhance readability on mobile devices and encourage readers to finish your work.
  • Media Enrichment: Enhance your story by incorporating engaging photos. 
  • Subheadings: Utilize subheadings to break up your text, improve organization, and allow readers to easily skim or find specific sections.

4. Review & Publish: Share Your Story

Once satisfied, click "Publish." Choose the most fitting topic for your story, select relevant tags, write an excerpt which is a short description of your post. The excerpt is used for SEO. You can also see the preview of your post, how it will appear in search results and other social sharing platforms. And publish your work.

Congratulations! You've submitted your first piece!  So, what's next after publishing your story? Stay tuned to explore the exciting possibilities of connecting with your audience on Letterpad!

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